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KAPN Consulting, in partnership with Afghanistan Combat Female Veterans (ACFV), is hosting a two-part Women Combat Veteran Workshop and Veterans Business Resource Fair Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015 and Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015, respectively. These events offer an excellent opportunity for female combat veterans.


Worked with Kelly on American College of Healthcare Executive Fellow Program. 


“Kelly has been an inspiration to me and countless other individuals. She has touched the lives of many people with her positivity and passion. She is a hard worker with creative solutions to any problems. She is a wonderful and reliable woman that will help anyone. My strongest recommendations for Kelly she is an amazing addition to any team or anything she is aspiring to do!”


​Kelly is a terrific volunteer and event coordinator at Parker, managing the annual Homecoming weekend for over 2,500 guests, encompassing multiple events and venues for a variety of target audiences over a 3-day period. She's creative, organized, dedicated, and works tremendously hard to ensure the event runs successfully for everyone from guests, to students, to staff, to vendors.


Kelly Price Noble, ... a dynamic, highly accomplished thought leader.  She also heads the education committee at the National Diversity Council, among many other distinctions. 


“Kelly has excellent communication skills and a passion to help transitioning military personnel, dependents and veterans. She uses this to her advantage by encouraging everyone to think about real world examples such as practicing writing resumes or interviews. She works tirelessly to inspire all to perform to a very high level.”

Aging Population


Dr. Price Noble’s Tips for Living Well at 100:

  • Understand government healthcare programs. Take time to learn more about changes in the affordable health care program and what they mean for you. This will help you understand what programs you may benefit from and where there may be gaps.
  • Check the pulse on your financial health. Ensure you will have the financial resources you need for long-term care by becoming proactive, today. A good rule of thumb is to pay yourself first. Forgoing a few luxuries now can mean financial security down the road.
  • Communicate your needs and wishes with family and loved      ones. Regardless of your age      now, develop a care plan and share it. This could mean creating a      healthcare Power of Attorney to ensure that a loved one is able to make decisions for you if you are not of sound body and mind. Make sure your family and friends understand your preferences well in advance of a healthcare crisis occurring.  
  • Invest in your intellectual and emotional quality of life. Visualize your golden years and make time for the things that are important to you, including spending time with loved ones, pursuing education or volunteering, for example. Maintaining curiosity about the world and being open to learning new things will keep your mind sharp.

Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical throughout your life. The choices you make today play a role in the quality of your life in the future. Taking care of your body also means taking care of you.

Caring for An Aging Population

Caring for An Aging Population